Unhelpful Beliefs 

Most of us carry around an assortment of unhelpful beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. What could your life be like if you were able to revise your beliefs and get on with living and feeling better?

If you updated your beliefs about yourself, maybe you could feel more self-confident, able to treat your body better, get a new job or a raise, feel deserving of love and a happy respectful relationship, behave differently....

How about if you could change the belief that you can't change your habits or cravings? Or that it will be too hard and stressful to change? How liberating would it be to instead believe that you CAN change, easily and naturally, using proven strategies such as clinical hypnotherapy or EFT? 


Maybe you could let go of the limiting beliefs about yourself such as the need to be a perfectionist, to be controlling, that you are an imposter (we women are particularly great at 'imposter syndrome') or that you need to put yourself last all the time?

Beliefs are not set in stone. They can be challenged and changed - gently, but profoundly. 

Let me help you sort out the unhelpful beliefs that may be sabotaging your life, health and happiness so that you can become more confident, authentic and happy in your own skin.