How can I help you?

Over the years I have had the privilege of helping many women sort out a kaleidoscope of life issues. Some of the areas that I really enjoy working on include helping my clients to:

  • Stop shopping addiction

  • Find peace from food anxiety and disordered eating

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Navigate grief and bereavement

  • Release clutter or disorganisation and the anxiety that feeds it

  • Learn relaxation and visualisation techniques that work

  • Overcome study overwhelm and exam anxiety

  • Breakthrough your barriers to successful conception and pregnancy

  • Get ‘unstuck’ and create a great life for yourself

  • Change habits including nail-biting, hair-pulling, blushing, etc

  • Manage drinking

  • Release fears like public speaking, flying, driving, etc

  • Ease pain - both emotional and physical

  • Feel happier and more confident within yourself

  • Find emotional peace


If you’re interested in setting up a free 15-minute phone consultation, send me a message through my contact form, or give me a call on 0404266999

Anxiety Help

The whole world feels slightly on edge as we navigate out of COVID and back to 'normal'.  Lockdowns found many of us juggling the demands of career, kids, relationships, health, etc.... something's got to give, and it's usually our wellbeing. 

Are you facing work stress, relationship stress, the anxiety of big life changes, family issues, or feeling overwhelmed with your life?


The outcome of these stressors can lead to behaviours that don't - in the end - work in our favour. Perhaps you've taken up drinking (a bit too much) wine every night, or losing yourself in shopping only to find that you have created a financial nightmare. All of us have our behaviours that help us feel 'safe' from our anxiety, even though the behaviours themself can lead to further anxiety. The downward spiral of anxiety gets worse.

Maybe you have suffered with anxiety on and off your entire life, and while some treatments work occasionally, you are looking for some new tools for your 'Feel Better Toolbox'.


​EFT in particular has been shown to be impressively effective in managing both the underlying causes and the awful physical and emotional feelings of anxiety. 

Let's build a new set of skills and strategies to give you breathing space and ease the discomfort of your stress and anxiety. Together, we will explore the triggers for your anxiety or panic attacks, and I will show you simple, effective ways to manage them, giving you more control of your life.


Feeling unfulfilled? Lost sight of the goals that once excited you? Not sure which direction to take your life? Not even sure who you are anymore?

Life throws challenges and changes at us all the time. Most times we sail through, adjusting and growing, getting on with it.

But once in a while, we can hit rough seas: after relationship changes, career upheaval, life-stage changes like menopause, or after an illness or a significant event (I'm looking at you COVID). We can feel rocked to the core and lose our confidence and sense of security, our sense of self. It can be a very confusing and painful time.

Surprisingly, this can be a good thing! The beginning of a new chapter. The opportunity to take control in a mindful way and write your future the way YOU want to live it. 

If you are seeking assistance in sorting yourself out, we can explore the values that are important to you, and we can identify them if you aren't sure what they are. From there we can begin creating the vision and the self-confidence to start your new chapter. 

Habits and Cravings

I'm sure you have tried many ways to stop whatever it is that you are grappling with. Failure to manage our habits and cravings can lead to feelings of powerlessness, anger, frustration, low self-esteem,  sadness and letting others down.

If you dig a little deeper, it's not hard to find that there are strong emotional and often environmental drivers for these behaviours. We self-medicate to 'fill the void' or satisfy emotional needs, including calming stress, reducing anxiety or treating boredom.


EFT is great for habits and cravings because the techniques can effectively re-wire your brain so that you not only feel very differently towards your habit/craving, but importantly you don't need to rely solely on self-control or willpower to change your behaviour.  (Because we all know how well that works out!)

Adding personalised hypnotherapy helps to consolidate the changes at the deepest level, the part of you responsible for the habits and cravings, to rewrite your script so that you feel and behave how you want to, not the way you were when on auto-pilot.

Please don't think you need to struggle on your own. I understand it can take a lot of courage to step up and ask for help, and it can be embarrassing to admit our failure to be in control of ourselves. I can assure you that I use a gentle, professional and non-judgmental approach which can really help you.

* If you do have a serious addiction, I recommend using my methods as an adjunct treatment alongside the work you are undertaking with your doctor or addiction specialist, rather than as the only treatment.

Self-sabotaging beliefs

Most of us carry around an assortment of unhelpful beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. What could your life be like if you were able to revise your beliefs and get on with living and feeling better?

If you updated your beliefs about yourself, maybe you could feel more self-confident, able to treat your body better, get a new job or a raise, feel deserving of love and a happy respectful relationship, behave differently....

How about if you could change the belief that you can't change your habits or cravings? Or that it will be too hard and stressful to change? How liberating would it be to instead believe that you CAN change, easily and naturally, using proven strategies such as clinical hypnotherapy or EFT? 


Maybe you could let go of the limiting beliefs about yourself such as the need to be a perfectionist, to be controlling, that you are an imposter (we women are particularly great at 'imposter syndrome') or that you need to put yourself last all the time?

Beliefs are not set in stone. They can be challenged and changed - gently, but profoundly. 

Let me help you sort out the unhelpful beliefs that may be sabotaging your life, health and happiness so that you can become more confident, authentic and happy in your own skin.