How to do EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping

Kerrie Saunders EFT Tapping Points

Basic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping guide

EFT Tapping is really easy once you get the hang of it! Try it on everything...

Notice how you are feeling right now – in your mind, your thoughts and feelings

- In your body, scan through and become aware of how your body is feeling

Give your overall body/mind feelings a score out of ten with 0 being totally neutral and 10 being really intense.

You can write down some words to focus on and the number score if it helps.

Now with that in mind, start tapping lightly on the following points using a couple of fingers from your preferred hand.

1. Karate Chop point – fleshy side of your hand just below the pinkie. As you tap, focus on the feeling you are experiencing most intensely. You might like to say the Set-Up Statement such as “Even though I have this anxious feeling in my stomach, I am actually safe right now” or you may choose to just focus quietly on the feeling.

2. Top of your head – tapping on the top centre of your head, and either repeating the word you are focused on “this anxious feeling” or quietly focusing on the feelings, without words.

3. Beginning of your Eyebrow – as above

4. Side of the Eye – as above

5. Under the Eye – as above

6. Under your Nose – as above

7. Under your bottom lip – as above

8. Collar bone point – as above

9. Inside of your wrist – as above

10. Side of each fingernail – as above

11. Gamut Point on the back of your hand between the bones of your pinkie and ring finger, just below the knuckle – as above.

That completes one round of Tapping. You can now continue on from the top of your head and leave out the Karate Chop set-up.

Tap through a few rounds. Take a couple of good deep, slow breaths. Now sitting quietly with eyes closed, go back into your body and notice if there is a change in the intensity of how you were feeling. Eg does the feeling of anxiety in your stomach feel less intense? Or the intensity of your emotion feel less or different?

Give yourself another score out of ten, as above.

Keep tapping through these rounds of EFT, stopping for deep, cleansing, breaths and a check-in with yourself.

Do this for about ten minutes, or until you feel that the score is lowering and the intensity is low enough to feel better.

Some Tapping tips:

Tap using the same kind of force as if you were drumming your fingers on a table – not really hard and not too soft.

Tap as many times as feels right for you on each tapping point. About ten taps is average, but if you feel comfortable tapping on a certain point you can stay tapping there for a while.

Don’t worry if you miss tapping on a point, or do them out of order, you will still get results.

Tap as often as you wish – you can’t ‘over-tap’.

It’s ok to focus on a negative feeling or say negative words/thoughts while tapping. Remember, tapping works on that part of your brain that is responsible for the stress response. Tapping helps your body feel ‘safe’ while you deal with negative issues. You won’t make the issue worse by tapping and focusing on the negative.

Tapping with your eyes closed can be really beneficial as you block out other stimuli and can focus inward a bit better. It is really relaxing too.

You might feel a bit ‘buzzy’ after tapping. That’s fine, it’s a normal physiological response to tapping. Tapping releases ‘feel good’ endorphins.

You might find yourself yawning, burping or farting as you tap, it’s weird but that’s normal too. It is your body releasing stress.

And you may find yourself cycling through various changing emotions – feeling sad, crying, laughing, smiling, feeling angry, all sorts of things. Don’t be concerned, it’s the tapping working through the various layers of emotion tied up with your issue, usually subconscious feelings. You aren’t going nuts!

You can also ‘Tap and Rant’ with EFT. This is really effective if you can verbalise freely about what is worrying you. While tapping on each tapping point, just say whatever comes up regarding your issue. Really go for it! It’s a great way to let out stuff.

Don’t try to force yourself to feel positive or better if that is not how you actually feel. The purpose of EFT is to focus on your real feelings right now, not pretending to be ok if you actually aren’t. The change will come.

In public, you can just tap on the side of finger points, or any single point that feels good for you. No one will notice. Just breathe gently into the tapping spot and allow the feelings to soften.

Or take yourself off to the loo for a bit of privacy.

You will know that the tapping is working for you by how you feel – your body will feel the emotions less intensely, you might feel ‘lighter’ or less ‘tight’. When you test the thoughts that you were focusing on, you might find that they just don’t seem to matter as much as they did, or you can’t seem to find them at all. For anxiety, you will notice that you feel calmer in your body and mind, like the edge has been taken off.

If you have any questions about these instructions please contact me on 0404 266 999 or email

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