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Tap away your Christmas Stress with EFT

EFT tapping is a quick and easy way to ease the stress and overwhelm of Christmas - or any big day.

It’s that time of the year again! And, if you are anything like my family, the lion's share of the planning, organizing, spending and cleaning-up falls to the women.

Our stress levels can skyrocket at this time of year. And we can experience all sorts of emotions including but certainly not limited to: financial stress, guilt, overwhelm, anger, loneliness, grief, tiredness, resentment and plain “I AM OVER-IT!” –ness.

When we experience these stress triggers or intense emotions, our brain is behaving as if we are in danger, going into fight or flight. Thankfully, current evidence suggests that performing EFT tapping while focusing on the problem can reduce the body’s stress response quite rapidly.

So, don’t get your tinsel in a twist. Try this Christmas Stress EFT Tapping script to find your own peace on earth and goodwill to all.

How to do EFT Tapping:

Take 10 minutes to yourself (really, do), find a quiet place, possibly the loo, and sitting quietly just close your eyes and focus inward, noticing how your body is feeling. Give your level of feeling an intensity score between zero and ten, with zero being totally neutral and ten being melt-down level.

Start tapping with two fingers on the Karate Chop point - the fleshy part of the side of your hand under your little finger. As you tap, say to yourself something along the lines of “Even though I’m so over this Christmas already! I accept my feelings and allow my body to relax”. Repeat a few times.

Move through the tapping points now, tapping about 10 times on each point, saying statements such as the following but of course use your own words to make it true to your experience:

Top of your head: I’m fed-up!

Beginning of eyebrow: So much to do!

Side of eye: It’s all up to me as usual!

Under eye: I just can’t afford all this extra expense right now!

Under nose: I’m just so tired!

Under lip: I don’t want to go to the party tonight…

Collar bone: and pretend to be all happy and light.

Inside wrist: I miss mum at this time of year in particular

Thumb point: I wish she was here…

Pointer finger point: I need a hug!

Middle finger point: I need to find out how long to bake that pork

Ring finger point: Or I’ll end up ruining that as well!

Little finger point: Oh and I mustn’t forget to buy the wine!

Gamut point: I just don’t know how I’ll get this all done!

Back to the Top of Head point, continue tapping for about four or five rounds as above, speaking out whatever comes to mind that is stressing you out at the moment.

Stop tapping. Rest your hands in your lap. Take a couple of big deep breaths, imagine exhaling all that stress, and sit quietly for a minute, noticing how your body feels now. Do another intensity score.

You will notice that your body feels different to before, you will probably feel lighter, and like the overwhelm just doesn’t seem to matter as much. Certainly you will feel that the edge has been taken off the feelings.

You can use this basic EFT Tapping protocol on anything – try it on overeating, on disappointment, on anxiety, on headaches, on feeling flat, the list is endless.

EFT is brilliant for everyday stresses and problems. If you feel like the issue is a bit big and scary to tackle on your own though, I strongly suggest working with a trained and qualified EFT therapist to guide you through safely.

You’ve got this!

Happy Christmas!

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