• Kerrie Saunders

Do I need to see a therapist?

I don't feel that bad, but I don't feel that great either.....

It can be a difficult and confronting decision to have to make, deciding to seek professional help for your emotions or habits. Particularly if one day you feel ok, but the next day you are suffering again.

If the problem you are facing seems un-fixable despite all the self-help you have engaged in, then maybe it’s a good time to speak to a qualified therapist to get a different perspective on the issue, along with some strategies to help you feel better.

It is no longer considered shameful or weak to seek help. Today it is very acceptable to acknowledge needing assistance with the bumps in the road of life.

Sometimes it’s called therapy, sometimes it’s called coaching, sometimes it’s called counselling. However it is labelled, the thing is that a trained and qualified helping professional is a good choice to give you a hand through your stuff. It is actually a wise act of self-care.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Are you feeling stuck in a negative cycle, unable to find the right path in life, your work or relationships?

Maybe you are suffering unexplained medical issues that your doctor can’t find any basis for? Our emotions and our physical body are constantly interacting and reflecting each other. Maybe the underlying emotional aspect needs addressing to solve the physical?

Do you feel unhappy in yourself even though you have a good life? Life dissatisfaction can happen to the best of us, making us feel worse because we then feel guilty because really (we think), we have nothing to feel unhappy about!

Are your emotions out of control? Do you snap easily? Or perhaps you shut down, go numb? Cry?

Are your coping behaviours such as drinking, shopping, eating, etc becoming a worry to you? Rather than a pleasant distraction, are they becoming problematic?

Do you have anxiety or panic attacks? A phobia that is preventing you from living a full life? Or you just feel plain stressed-out?

Maybe, it would be a relief to vent to someone who won’t judge you, and will give you the respectful space to speak your mind, no matter how dark it might get.

There are an infinite number of reasons someone like you might decide to see a therapist. You don’t need to suffer alone. If you are still unsure, I welcome you to call or email and we can discuss your situation.

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