My Approach

The work we do together will be within the context of a counselling session and usually includes using the unique strategies of EFT and/or clinical hypnotherapy.

I am also happy to use stand alone counselling if that is your preference.

Our initial session will start with gaining an insight into how you are feeling, the changes you want to make, and what is in the way of you making those changes. It's a chance for you to ask me questions about my approach and my methods as well. We will set out the direction you would like to take and agree on the best way of getting you there.

The beauty of combining counselling and clinical hypnotherapy with Emotional Freedom Techniques is that the EFT works through your body rather than relying on your thinking to change your feelings. Similarly, with clinical hypnotherapy we work with your subconscious mind to bring about changes. You get results much more  quickly than with talk therapy alone. You feel better faster. 

EFT is easy to learn at a basic level so you leave session one not only having started to get results and feeling better but you will also have a brilliant new skill that will be indispensable once you see the results you can achieve for yourself.