Life Challenges

Feeling unfulfilled? Lost sight of the goals that once excited you? Not sure which direction to take your life? Not even sure who you are anymore?

Life throws challenges and changes at us all the time. Most times we sail through, adjusting and growing, getting on with it.

But once in a while we can hit rough seas: after relationship changes, career upheaval, life-stage changes like menopause, or after an illness or a significant event. We can feel rocked to the core and lose our confidence and sense of security, our sense of self. It can be a very confusing and painful time.

But surprisingly, this can be a good thing! The beginning of a new chapter. Out with the old and in with the new. The chance to take control and write your future the way YOU want to live it. 

If you are seeking assistance in sorting yourself out, we can explore the values that are important to you, and we can identify them if you aren't sure what they are. From there we can begin to work on building your identity, creating the vision and the self-confidence to start your new chapter.