Helping you feel better, think better and live better

Life is way too short to spend it feeling anxious, stressed and unhappy.

When you are struggling with fears, phobias, or bad habits you can't break, it feels like you will never get to live a life where you feel in control, confident in yourself and proud of who you are.

You can end up feeling stuck, disappointed and not sure where to turn next.

There is hope! I'm here to help you find the change, relief and lightness you are looking for.


Over12 years in private practice, I have helped hundreds of women just like you achieved great results using my specialties of Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT and Life Coaching.  


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Lost Your Mojo?

Re-ignite your spark. Learn how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. 


Anxiety Help

Free your body and mind from the debilitating grind of stress and anxiety


Habits & Cravings

Don't let out of control behaviours leave you feeling powerless and frustrated with yourself



Are you sabotaging yourself with your own thoughts and beliefs? Learn how to think differently.

Rosemary G.

Wow Kerrie, you are a shining star, a truly fantastic EFT therapist, and I am so grateful to you. Your professional knowledge, skill and love of what you believe in too, enables me to recommend you to anyone, knowing that they will be in safe, caring and trustworthy hands. 

Terry F.

Just wanted to thank you again for our sessions, it has been such a release of built up emotions and I can’t thank you enough. You certainly made it so easy for me to talk about painful memories from my past that have been buried so deep that I didn’t realise were affecting my behaviours.

Lucy R.

Working with you taught me how to accept myself, listen to my body, stop letting my physical appearance dictate how I feel about myself and my worth. I definitely have a much more peaceful relationship with food and my body. Thank you so much Kerrie for your support, warmth and fantastic help!