Habits and Cravings

I'm sure you have tried many ways to stop whatever it is that you are grappling with. Failure to manage our habits and cravings can lead to feelings of powerlessness, anger, frustration, low self-esteem,  sadness and letting others down.

If you dig a little deeper, it's not hard to find that there are strong emotional and often environmental drivers for these behaviours. We self-medicate to 'fill the void' or satisfy emotional needs, including calming stress, reducing anxiety or treating boredom.


EFT is great for habits and cravings because the techniques can effectively 're-wire' your brain so that you not only feel very differently towards your habit/craving, but importantly you don't need to rely solely on 'self-control' to change your behaviour.  (Because we all know how well that works out!)

Adding personalised hypnotherapy helps to consolidate the changes at the deepest level, the part of you responsible for the habits and cravings, to rewrite your script so that you feel and behave how you want to, not the way you were when on auto-pilot.

If you do have a serious addiction, I recommend using my methods as an adjunct treatment alongside the work you are undertaking with your addiction specialist, rather than as the only treatment.

Please don't think you need to struggle on your own. I understand it can take a lot of courage to step up and ask for help, and it can be embarrassing to admit our failure to be in control of ourselves. I can assure you that I use a gentle, professional and non-judgmental approach which can really help you.