EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is sometimes referred to as Tapping or Meridian Tapping. It is a technique that is part of the growing field of Energy Medicine.


EFT has become one of my favourite techniques in emotional healing and change work. It is the number one method that I recommend for self-help and it’s usually one of the first tools that I use when something comes up in my own life.


EFT is based on the theory that emotions stay within the body as stuck energy. By gently tapping on specific points on the body we’re able to stimulate and release these energy blocks. The energy points used in EFT follow the same energy lines (known as Meridians) as are used by the Chinese Acupuncture healing methods. By lightly tapping with two fingers on these points while allowing yourself to feel the emotions of a situation, you’ll find that the emotion will begin to dissipate, often after only one round of tapping.

EFT shows your body that you are safe, even though you may have distressing thoughts, memories or anxieties. The process of EFT tapping has a direct influence on the part of your brain responsible for the fight or flight response. Once your body feels safe, you tend to regain more clarity and the ability to realise better ways of dealing with your problems.

There is some good science behind EFT and I would be happy to share some research with you if you are interested. 


EFT is amazingly effective on any number of issues including anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, overwhelm, pain, fear, phobias, cravings, deleting food or drink compulsions, changing habits, releasing emotional pain of past memories or future worries, peak performance, the list is endless. 



How I use EFT in my sessions with You

I have found through years of experience that if we approach the issue first by using EFT to clear the 'stuckness' or intensity of a feeling, belief or problem, then we clear the way for the hypnotherapy to work much better. So, quite often I will suggest that we start with EFT and then consolidate the changes using hypnotherapy. These two therapies work beautifully together, each strengthens the results of the other. 


More and more clients are seeking out EFT as its reputation spreads worldwide. So it is not uncommon for me to work with clients only using EFT. We get dramatic results and often don't need to use hypnotherapy. 


Also, EFT is really easy to learn so I will teach it to you and give you written instructions so that you can continue to use EFT at home.