Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for creating change at a deeper level of your mind. It reaches the part of your mind that manages all of your habits, memories, beliefs, feelings and creativity – your subconscious mind.


If there is any conflict between your conscious ‘thinking’ mind and your subconscious ‘emotional’ mind, the subconscious usually wins. Like the head/heart conflict we sometimes encounter, the heart is usually the winner even if it’s not ‘sensible or logical’.


Hypnosis itself is a natural mind state that we all experience many times during our day, the times when your mind drifts off in a daydream or a memory, or when you are fully involved in a good book or movie. The state of hypnosis feels like that lovely drifty feeling between being deep asleep and wide awake. Hypnotherapy uses this natural ability of our mind to focus inward. In fact, hypnosis is sometimes referred to as a state of ‘focused awareness’, because in hypnosis your attention is fully focused on the imagery and feelings involved in creating the change.


There is no ‘woo-woo’ involved in this therapy. The clinical hypnotherapy I use has no relation to ‘stage hypnosis’ that you might see on TV. You are always in control. In fact, most clients can easily recall most of what is said during hypnosis and really enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation that they experience. 


Let me reassure you. Clinical Hypnotherapy is NOT mind control by a ‘hypnotist’ – it’s a collaboration between you and me to help you to create your changes in your own way.


Some of my clients worry that they might not be ‘hypnotisable’ but I am yet to meet someone that can’t easily relax into this pleasant state. You can’t do this wrong, the way that YOU experience your hypnosis is the right way for you.  


Hypnotherapy is not a ‘magic bullet’ to 'cure' you without any changes in your behaviour, or make you stop doing something if you really don’t want to. Hypnotherapy works by supporting the changes you want for yourself and helping you find the inner resources or motivation to create that change for yourself.  I can't make you do anything you don't want to do.


In my sessions I use two types of hypnotherapy:

Suggestion Therapy, which is a wonderful way to create change using visualisation and evoking the positive emotions that go with the change. Suggestion therapy is simple, effective and the results are usually permanent. I record all Suggestion Therapy sessions (free of charge) for you to continue to use at home as this repetition of the message is key in helping to create lasting results.


Hypno-Analytic Psychotherapy is useful for doing deeper work, finding out why or how the mind is dealing with an issue. This will sometimes take the form of Inner Child work or Parts Therapy or other psychotherapies used while you are in the state of hypnosis. I do not record these sessions. This type of therapy is usually longer-term than suggestion therapy.


Please feel welcome to ask me any questions you have about how Hypnotherapy can help you.