Anxiety Help

As women, we experience unique stresses and anxieties that are not a part of most men's reality. Juggling the demands of career, kids, relationships, health, etc.... something's got to give, and it's usually our wellbeing. 

Are you facing work stress, relationship stress, the anxiety of big life changes, family issues, or feeling overwhelmed with your life?


The outcome of these stressors can lead to behaviours that don't - in the end - work in our favour. Perhaps you've taken up drinking (a bit too much) wine every night, or losing yourself in shopping only to find that you have created a financial nightmare. All of us have our behaviours that help us feel 'safe' from our anxiety, even though the behaviours themself can lead to further anxiety. The downward spiral of anxiety gets worse.

Are you experiencing anxiety and panic attacks? EFT in particular has been shown to be impressively effective in managing both the underlying causes and the dreadful physical and mental feelings of anxiety. 

Let's build a new set of skills and strategies to give you breathing space and ease the discomfort of your stress and anxiety. Together, we will explore the triggers for your anxiety or panic attacks, and I will show you simple, effective ways to manage them, giving you more control of your life.

EFT significantly changed my own relationship with anxiety. I would be honoured to show you how EFT can help you too.